This section is setup for my Ham Shack and the Xiegu G90 radio.


UPDATE – APRIL 29, 2024 – Well, I thought I would never ever own a XIEGU G90 radio……yes I obtained a XIEGU G90 from a local ham here in Rochester, NY., Sometimes buying a radio means you were in the right place at the right time. I was not looking for a radio but never thought of a XIEGU G90…….So I bought one …..


So now that I have had the XIEGU G90 for a month and have made over 100 contacts, have been told my audio is great. Have already taken it to a local park around the corner from me.

Here is the video I did from my local park.

I was using a end fed 33ft long…then I switched it to a qrp 33ft end fed…both proved very useful….looking forward to going out again.