Raspberry Pi Net Trivia – Questions & Answers

What are the names of the Astro Pi’s currently in use aboard the International Space Station?

A:  Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie
B:  Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison
C:  Michael Faraday and Alexander Graham Bell
D:  Ed and Izzy

GW8SZL (15-01-2023)

What dashboard are you running on your allstar node?

A:  Supermon for Hamvoip
B:  Supermon for ASL
C:  Clear node
D:  Shari node

W2JLD (08-01-2023)

Which command comes under the Raspberry Pi networking commands?

A:  Ishw
B:  unzip
C:  ifconfig
D:  None of the above

GW8SZL (01-01-2023)

How many Analogue Static RAM inputs does the Raspberry Pi have?

A: Zero
B: 20
C: 26
D: 50

GW8SZL (18-12-2022)

You want to run the Arduino IDE on a Raspberry Pi so that you can write and upload programs to the Arduino. Is this possible?

A: Yes
B: No

GW8SZL (04-12-2022)

What is the average speed of a Raspberry Pi 400?

A: 200 MHz
B: 1800 MHz
C: 1200 MHz
D: 2000 MHz

W2JLD (27-11-2022)

There are two reserved GPIO Pins (27 and 28) on a Raspberry Pi Model 4. But what are they actually used for?

A: Master Input Slave Output
B: I2C communication with an EEPROM
D: Real Time Clock

GW8SZL (20-11-2022)

What is the Maximum Total Current that can be drawn from ALL of the I/O Pins on a Raspberry Pi 3?

A: 16mA
B: 32 mA
C: 54 mA
D: 62 mA

GW8SZL (06-11-2022)

What is the maximum RAM a Raspberry Pi 4 model B can have?

A: 1GB
B: 4GB
C: 8GB
D: 10GB

W2JLD (30-10-2022)

Which Debian Tool is used for resizing the partition on a Raspberry Pi?

A: raspi-partman
B: raspi-fdisk
C: raspi-config
D: raspi-partition

GW8SZL (23-10-2022)

Part 1

What does GPU stand for?

A: Graphics Processing Unit
B: Graphics Processed Unit
C: Graphics Processor Unit
D: None of the above

Part 2

How much GPU memory does the Raspberry Pi Model B have?


W2JLD (16-10-2022)

What are the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter) pins on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?

A: GPIO 10 and 11
B: GPIO 12 and 13
C: GPIO 14 and 15
D: GPIO 16 and 17

GW8SZL (09-10-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 1 model A+ released?

A: 2020
B: 2021
C: 2014

W2JLD (02-10-2022)

Which of the following has both I2C and SPI buses?

A: Arduino
B: Raspberry Pi
C: Both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi
D: None of the above

GW8SZL (25-09-2022)

How much RAM does the Raspberry Pi3 Model A+ Have

A: 512 MB
B: 1 GB
C: 2 GB
D: 4 GB

GW8SZL (18-09-2022)

What does MOSI stand for?

A: Master Input Slave Output
B: Module Output Slave Input
C: Master Out Slave In
D: None of the above

GW8SZL (11-09-2022)

What is the speed of a Raspberry Pi Zero?

A: 1 Ghz
B: 1.27 Ghz
C: 1.8 Ghz
D: 1.9 Ghz

W2JLD (04-09-2022)

What does CSI stand for?

A: Camera Serial Interface

B: Common Serial Interface
C: Complex Serial Interface

D: None of the above

GW8SZL (28-08-2022)

In which of the following Raspberry Pi Models is the BCM2711 SoC (System on a Chip) used?

A: A Raspberry Pi3 B+

B: A Raspberry Pi4 B
C: Both A and B

D: None of the above

GW8SZL (03-07-2022)

What does SoC stand for and what is it’s function in a Raspberry Pi?

SoC stands for system on a chip. This is a chip / integrated circuit that holds many components of a computer, usually the CPU (via a microprocessor or microcontroller), memory, input/output (I/O) ports and secondary storage all on a single substrate, such as silicon.

GW8SZL (26-06-2022)

Approximately how many Raspberry Pi’s have been manufactured since 2012?

A: 33 Million
B: 35 Million
C: 37 Million
D: 39 Million

Source – Sony Pencoed

GW8SZL (19-06-2022)

How long on average does it take to manufacture a Raspberry Pi?

A: 2.1 seconds
B: 2.5 seconds
C: 3.1 seconds
D: 3.5 seconds

Source – Sony Pencoed

GW8SZL (05-06-2022)

WiFi is not present in which of the following Raspberry Pi Models?

A: Raspberry Pi 3
B: Raspberry Pi Zero WH
C: Raspberry Pi Zero W
D: Raspberry Pi Zero

GW8SZL (22-05-2022)

What is the type of CPU used in the original Raspberry Pi 2 model B ?

A: ARM11
B: QuadcortexA7
C: QuadcortexA53
D: None of the above

W2JLD (15-05-2022)

What is the purpose of the chmod command?

A: Change the Operating System
B: Change the working directory
C: Change the permissions of a directory or file
D: Change the user mode

GW8SZL (08-05-2022)

In what year did the Raspberry Pi Foundation announce that they exceeded 1 million units sold?

A: 2013
B: 2017
C: 2019
D: 2020

GW8SZL (24-04-2022)

When the first ever Raspberry Pi was launched in February 2012. How many Raspberry Pi’s were ordered on the first day?

A: 10,000
B: 50,000
C: 100,000
D: 150,000

GW8SZL (17-04-2022)

Which of the following is not an impact of overclocking?

A: More instructions executed per unit time
B: Increased Power Consumption
C: Improved temperature profile
D: Reduced Reliability

GW8SZL (10-04-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 2 model B launched?

A:  2015
B:  2019
C:  2020
D:  2021

W2JLD (03-04-2022)

How many PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) channels does the Raspberry Pi 4 have?

A: 0
B: 2
C: 26
D: 40

GW8SZL (27-03-2022)

In which of the following can a Raspberry Pi be used?

A:  Home automation and security systems
B:  Media center
C:  HD surveillance camera
D:  All of the above

W2JLD (20-03-2022)

The Raspberry Pi has what kind of input and output ports?

A:  Digital I/O
B:  Analog inputs
C:  Analog outputs
D:  All of the above

GW8SZL  (13-03-2022)

What is NOOBS?

A: New Out Of The Box Software
C: NOOBS is a smart OS installing tool.
D: NOOBS contains Raspbian out of the box.

NOOBS also provides a choice to install an alternative operating system that can be downloaded from the internet.

GW8SZL (27-02-2022)

What is the CPU speed of a Raspberry Pi 3 model B?

A:  1.2 GHz
B:  1.27 GHz
C:  1.8 GHz
D:  1.9 GHz

W2JLD (06-02-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 1 model B released?

A:  2012
B:  2021
C:  2014
D:  2013

GW8SZL  (30-01-2022)