Raspberry Pi Net Trivia – Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of the chmod command?

A: Change the Operating System
B: Change the working directory
C: Change the permissions of a directory or file
D: Change the user mode

GW8SZL (08-05-2022)

In what year did the Raspberry Pi Foundation announce that they exceeded 1 million units sold?

A: 2013
B: 2017
C: 2019
D: 2020

GW8SZL (24-04-2022)

When the first ever Raspberry Pi was launched in February 2012. How many Raspberry Pi’s were ordered on the first day?

A: 10,000
B: 50,000
C: 100,000
D: 150,000

GW8SZL (17-04-2022)

Which of the following is not an impact of overclocking?

A: More instructions executed per unit time
B: Increased Power Consumption
C: Improved temperature profile
D: Reduced Reliability

GW8SZL (10-04-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 2 model B launched?

A:  2015
B:  2019
C:  2020
D:  2021

W2JLD (03-04-2022)

How many PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) channels does the Raspberry Pi 4 have?

A: 0
B: 2
C: 26
D: 40

GW8SZL (27-03-2022)

In which of the following can a Raspberry Pi be used?

A:  Home automation and security systems
B:  Media center
C:  HD surveillance camera
D:  All of the above

W2JLD (20-03-2022)

The Raspberry Pi has what kind of input and output ports?

A:  Digital I/O
B:  Analog inputs
C:  Analog outputs
D:  All of the above

GW8SZL  (13-03-2022)

What is NOOBS?

A: New Out Of The Box Software
C: NOOBS is a smart OS installing tool.
D: NOOBS contains Raspbian out of the box.

NOOBS also provides a choice to install an alternative operating system that can be downloaded from the internet.

GW8SZL (27-02-2022)

What is the CPU speed of a Raspberry Pi 3 model B?

A:  1.2 GHz
B:  1.27 GHz
C:  1.8 GHz
D:  1.9 GHz

W2JLD (06-02-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 1 model B released?

A:  2012
B:  2021
C:  2014
D:  2013

GW8SZL  (30-01-2022)