Raspberry Pi Net Trivia – Questions & Answers

What additional feature does the Raspberry Pi Zero W have compared to the original Raspberry Pi Zero?

A: Faster Processor
B: More GPIO Pins
C: Bluetooth
D: More RAM

Both have a Broadcom BCM2835 processor
Both have the 40 GPIO Pins
Both have 512 MB of RAM.

GW8SZL (17-06-2024)

What are the commands to update the Raspberry Pi? Hint there is more than one answer….

A. sudo apt update -y
B. sudo apt upgrade -y
C. sudo apt install git-core -y
D. sudo rpi-update
E. All of the above

W4RFJ (09-06-2024)

Do you use the Raspberry Pi for any HF operation?

W2JLD (02-06-2024)

From a networking perspective which Raspberry Pi Model is the best?

A: Raspberry Pi 3
B: Raspberry Pi 4
C: Raspberry Pi 5
D: There is no appreciable difference between them all.

GW8SZL (26-05-2024)

We are going to discuss GPIO. As a matter of fact this should lead us into tonight’s question.

What type of Pi Hats do you use with your Raspberry Pi’s and what do they do to enhance the Pi’s ability?

Reference Material: https://pimylifeup.com/raspberry-pi-gpio/

W4RFJ (19-05-2024)

What does the acronym SIP stand for?

A: Session Internet Protocol
B: Session Information Protocol
C: Session Initiation Protocol
D: Session Interface Protocol

 GW8SZL (05-05-2024)

What projects have you done with the Raspberry Pi and what have you learnt from them such as building an interface, learning a computer language and what resources did you use to successfully complete the project?

W4RFJ (28-04-2024)

As Ofcom the licensing authority here in the UK has now relaxed it’s regulations on who can setup a repeater we would like to discuss the best software to use on a Raspberry Pi as a repeater controller in order to assist anybody considering setting up a repeater of their own.

There is of course The Open Repeater Project Software. Have you tried it? How did you find it? Are there any others that you have tried that also run on a Raspberry Pi?

GW8SZL (14-04-2024)

What are some of the ways you use raspberry Pi’s in packet and networking modes or systems (non digital voice)? Any projects? APRS? Message Distribution Systems? Pactor? Winlink? Net Node? How can we use Pi’s to build rugged data communications systems for Amateur Radio?

W4RFJ (07-04-2024)

What kind of Bootloader does the Raspberry Pi use as default?

D: Configuration File

GW8SZL (24-03-2024)

Pi IO – Input and Output – How it inspired me and why it is associated with the Reaspberry Pi’s success story?

Net Support Documentation can be downloaded by clicking HERE

W4RFJ (17-03-2024)

The Topic is all about alternatives to the Raspberry Pi. How many are there and what features do they have?

There are approximately eight of them that we will be discussing and are there cost effectiveness

The Cheapest Single-Board Computers (SBC) in 2024 La Frite (AML-S805X-AC) Orange Pi Zero 3. Banana Pi P2 Zero. Le Potato (AML-S905X-CC) Orange Pi One Plus. NanoPi Neo Air. Banana Pi BPI-M4 Berry. Orange Pi 3 LTS.

W2JLD (10-03-2024)

On the Raspberry Pi Models 1, 2 and 3 what fault condition does the green led indicate when it is flashing eight times repeatedly?

A: The Pi has failed to find the “start.elf” file on your SD card or USB.
B: The “start.elf” file was found on your SD card or USB but was not launchable and is potentially corrupt.
C: Indicates that you Pi’s SD card or USB is missing the “kernel.img” file.
D: The system can’t recognize the RAM on your Raspberry Pi.

GW8SZL (03-03-2024)

Discussions on the CPU Hardware on the different Raspberry Pi’s and how we can put them to work.

W4RFJ (25-02-2024)

Fact or Fiction, W2JLD will have 2 questions and you have to figure out whether they are FACT or FICTION!

1. The Raspberry Pi can also be used for Bitcoin mining…. FACT or FICTION

2. Was there a satellite deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) that used the Raspberry Pi microcomputer as its flight computer?……… FACT or FICTION

W2JLD (18-02-2024)

Which version of Bluetooth is supported on the Raspberry Pi Model 3?

a) Bluetooth 2.0
b) Bluetooth 3.0
c) Bluetooth 4.0
d) Bluetooth 5.0

GW8SZL (11-02-2024)

I would like to discuss the boot process or steps of a Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 then take questions from the attendees about how we would control where and how to control what actual programs get loaded upon successful boot…

Reference Material:


W4RFJ (04-02-2024)

What file or files do you need to edit to change the header text in supermon?

A. allmon.ini
B: rpt.conf
C. global.inc
D. supermon.css

W2JLD (28-01-2024)

Which of the following file or files do you need to edit to overclock a Raspberry Pi?

A: boot.txt
B: clock.txt
C: config.txt
D: speed.txt

GW8SZL (21-01-2024)

How do you utilize crontab for your Raspberry Pi projects?

W4RFJ (14-01-2024)

With the newly released Raspberry Pi5, what problematic issues has arisen from this high performance small board computer? For example:- Power Consumption, Overheating, the inability to use common market power supplies and so on.

W2JLD (07-01-2024)

You want to automatically connect your AllStar Node to other AllStar or EchoLink Nodes on power up. How would you configure your AllStar Node to do this?

GW8SZL (17-12-2023)

All about running a Virtual Private Network Server on a Raspberry Pi.

What software and Operating System did you use, what model Raspberry Pi did

you use and do you have any advice for anybody thinking of going down the same path.

GW8SZL (03-12-2023)

General discussion about HamClock and the Raspberry Pi

W2JLD (26-11-2023)

What is the purpose of the head command on a Raspberry Pi?

A: To search a file for a specific string
B: To display the content at the beginning of a file
C: To display all the content of a file
D: To display the headers of a file

GW8SZL (19-11-2023)

When using dtmf tones to control your AllStar Node what does the dtmf command *2 followed by the node number actually do?

A: Enter command mode on a remote node
B: Local connection status
C: Connect link in monitor mode
D: System-wide connection status

GW8SZL (05-11-2023)

Which of the following Command Line Interface (CLI) commands allows you to see live traffic data on your AllStar Node?

A: rasterisk     (ASL Version Only)
B: asterisk –r  (Both HamVoip and ASL Versions)
C: casterisk
D: asterisk -c

GW8SZL (22-10-2023)

What is the speed of the Quad Core ARM Cortex A76 Processor used in the new Raspberry Pi 5 without overclocking it?

A: 1.8 GHz
B: 2.0 GHz
C: 2.2 GHz
D: 2.4 GHZ

GW8SZL (08-10-2023)

In 2021 Raspberry Pi’s trading arm raised money to invest in its supply chain and develop new products. But the Raspberry Pi has been in high demand for years due to its unique positioning.

How much did the Raspberry Pi Foundation raise for it’s further demand for years to come?

A: 25 miliion
B: 22 million
C: 35 million
D: 45 Million

W2JLD (01-10-2023)

Which of the following coined the phrase Artificial Intelligence?

A: Albert Einstein
B: Stephen Hawking
C: John McCarthy
D: Alan Turing

GW8SZL (24-09-2023)

What will you get if you run the pinout command on a Raspberry Pi?

A: Get GPIO Pin Out Information
B: Get RPi Revision Number
C: Get Model and Hardware Information
D: All True

W4RFJ (17-09-2023)

What does ADS-B stand for?

A: Automatic Diversion System Broadcast
B: Automatic Descent System Broadcast
C: Automatic Dependant Security Broadcast
D: Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast

GW8SZL (10-09-2023)

ChatGPT (Artificial Intelligence Software) and the Raspberry Pi.

Have you tried ChatGPT on a Raspberry Pi yet and what are your opinions on Artificial Intelligence as a whole? Do you think it is a good or bad thing?

GW8SZL (27-08-2023)

What is the specified temperature range of the Raspberry Pi LAN?

A: -40C/-40F to 90C/194F
B: -10C/14F to 90C/194F
C: 0C/32F to 70C/158F
D: 0C/32F to 85C/185F

GW8SZL (06-08-2023)

What is the operating temperature range of a Raspberry Pi?

A: -40C/-40F to 90C/194F
B: -20C/-4F to 90C/194F
C: -10C/14F to 90C/194F
D: 0C/32F to 85C/185F

GW8SZL  (30-07-2023)

At what temperature does the Raspberry Pi 4 Model throttle the CPU?

A. 80 DEGREES C/176F
B. 100 DEGREES C/212F
C. 60 DEGREES C/140F
D. 120 DEGREE C/248F

W2JLD (23-07-2023)

In what year was the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 launched?

A: 2018
B: 2019
C: 2020
D: 2021

GW8SZL (16-07-2023)

On Pi Day 2018 what new feature was announced for the Raspberry Pi?

A: Booting from USB
B : USB3
C: PoE Support with Hat

GM0WUR (09-07-2023)

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recommends which programming language for beginners starting to program the Raspberry Pi?

A: Ruby
B: Java
C: C++
D: Python

GW8SZL (02-07-2023)

Who invented the Raspberry Pi?

A: Eben Upton
B: David Braben
C: Alan Mycroft
D: Pete Lomas

W2JLD (24-06-2023)

In what year did the Raspberry Pi Foundation merge with Code Club?

A: 2014
B: 2015
C: 2016
D: 2017

GW8SZL (19-06-2023)

What level of knowledge would you consider yourself having?

A: Beginner
B: Intermediate
C: Expert
D: I am clueless

W2JLD (11-06-2023)

The Rspberry Pi Foundation has its headquarters in Cambridge, England and its manufacturing facility at Pencoed in South Wales but approximately how many people actually work for the Raspberry Pi Foundation in total across both locations?

A: 250
B: 300
C: 350
D: 400

GW8SZL (04-06-2023)

How many Raspberry Pi’s had been sold up to its third Birthday?

A: 3 Million
B: 4 Million
C: 5 Million
D: 6 Million

GW8SZL (07-05-2023)

Which television program featured a character making use of a Raspberry Pi?

A: Halt and Catch Fire
B: Silicon Valley
C: Mr Robot
D: The IT Crowd

GW8SZL (23-04-2023)

How did they come about the name Raspberry Pi?

A: It was a Marketing Gimmick

B: Tangerine and Apricot were taken
C: In the mid 80’s computer companies were named after a fruit
D: It was the favourite fruit of the maker’s of SBC’s

W2JLD (16-04-2023)

During the early Raspberry Pi prototyping phase in 2011, which game did Eben Upton use to demonstrate it?

A: Minecraft
B: Doom
C: Quake 3
D: Theme Hospital

GW8SZL (09-04-2023)

What makes the Orange Pi better than the Raspberry Pi?

A: More GPIO Pins
B: Has HDMI Slots
C: 2 x More Ram
D: Faster Processors

W2JLD (2-04-2023)

The software Pulse Width Modulation in a Raspberry Pi 3 model B is available on what pins?

A: GPIO 12
B: GPIO 18
C: GPIO 19
D: All of the above

GW8SZL (26-03-2023)

What are the names of the Astro Pi’s currently in use aboard the International Space Station?

A:  Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie
B:  Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison
C:  Michael Faraday and Alexander Graham Bell
D:  Ed and Izzy

GW8SZL (15-01-2023)

What dashboard are you running on your allstar node?

A:  Supermon for Hamvoip
B:  Supermon for ASL
C:  Clear node
D:  Shari node

W2JLD (08-01-2023)

Which command comes under the Raspberry Pi networking commands?

A:  Ishw
B:  unzip
C:  ifconfig
D:  None of the above

GW8SZL (01-01-2023)

How many Analogue Static RAM inputs does the Raspberry Pi have?

A: Zero
B: 20
C: 26
D: 50

GW8SZL (18-12-2022)

You want to run the Arduino IDE on a Raspberry Pi so that you can write and upload programs to the Arduino. Is this possible?

A: Yes
B: No

GW8SZL (04-12-2022)

What is the average speed of a Raspberry Pi 400?

A: 200 MHz
B: 1800 MHz
C: 1200 MHz
D: 2000 MHz

W2JLD (27-11-2022)

There are two reserved GPIO Pins (27 and 28) on a Raspberry Pi Model 4. But what are they actually used for?

A: Master Input Slave Output
B: I2C communication with an EEPROM
D: Real Time Clock

GW8SZL (20-11-2022)

What is the Maximum Total Current that can be drawn from ALL of the I/O Pins on a Raspberry Pi 3?

A: 16mA
B: 32 mA
C: 54 mA
D: 62 mA

GW8SZL (06-11-2022)

What is the maximum RAM a Raspberry Pi 4 model B can have?

A: 1GB
B: 4GB
C: 8GB
D: 10GB

W2JLD (30-10-2022)

Which Debian Tool is used for resizing the partition on a Raspberry Pi?

A: raspi-partman
B: raspi-fdisk
C: raspi-config
D: raspi-partition

GW8SZL (23-10-2022)

Part 1

What does GPU stand for?

A: Graphics Processing Unit
B: Graphics Processed Unit
C: Graphics Processor Unit
D: None of the above

Part 2

How much GPU memory does the Raspberry Pi Model B have?


W2JLD (16-10-2022)

What are the UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter) pins on a Raspberry Pi 3B+?

A: GPIO 10 and 11
B: GPIO 12 and 13
C: GPIO 14 and 15
D: GPIO 16 and 17

GW8SZL (09-10-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 1 model A+ released?

A: 2020
B: 2021
C: 2014

W2JLD (02-10-2022)

Which of the following has both I2C and SPI buses?

A: Arduino
B: Raspberry Pi
C: Both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi
D: None of the above

GW8SZL (25-09-2022)

How much RAM does the Raspberry Pi3 Model A+ Have

A: 512 MB
B: 1 GB
C: 2 GB
D: 4 GB

GW8SZL (18-09-2022)

What does MOSI stand for?

A: Master Input Slave Output
B: Module Output Slave Input
C: Master Out Slave In
D: None of the above

GW8SZL (11-09-2022)

What is the speed of a Raspberry Pi Zero?

A: 1 Ghz
B: 1.27 Ghz
C: 1.8 Ghz
D: 1.9 Ghz

W2JLD (04-09-2022)

What does CSI stand for?

A: Camera Serial Interface

B: Common Serial Interface
C: Complex Serial Interface

D: None of the above

GW8SZL (28-08-2022)

In which of the following Raspberry Pi Models is the BCM2711 SoC (System on a Chip) used?

A: A Raspberry Pi3 B+

B: A Raspberry Pi4 B
C: Both A and B

D: None of the above

GW8SZL (03-07-2022)

What does SoC stand for and what is it’s function in a Raspberry Pi?

SoC stands for system on a chip. This is a chip / integrated circuit that holds many components of a computer, usually the CPU (via a microprocessor or microcontroller), memory, input/output (I/O) ports and secondary storage all on a single substrate, such as silicon.

GW8SZL (26-06-2022)

Approximately how many Raspberry Pi’s have been manufactured since 2012?

A: 33 Million
B: 35 Million
C: 37 Million
D: 39 Million

Source – Sony Pencoed

GW8SZL (19-06-2022)

How long on average does it take to manufacture a Raspberry Pi?

A: 2.1 seconds
B: 2.5 seconds
C: 3.1 seconds
D: 3.5 seconds

Source – Sony Pencoed

GW8SZL (05-06-2022)

WiFi is not present in which of the following Raspberry Pi Models?

A: Raspberry Pi 3
B: Raspberry Pi Zero WH
C: Raspberry Pi Zero W
D: Raspberry Pi Zero

GW8SZL (22-05-2022)

What is the type of CPU used in the original Raspberry Pi 2 model B ?

A: ARM11
B: QuadcortexA7
C: QuadcortexA53
D: None of the above

W2JLD (15-05-2022)

What is the purpose of the chmod command?

A: Change the Operating System
B: Change the working directory
C: Change the permissions of a directory or file
D: Change the user mode

GW8SZL (08-05-2022)

In what year did the Raspberry Pi Foundation announce that they exceeded 1 million units sold?

A: 2013
B: 2017
C: 2019
D: 2020

GW8SZL (24-04-2022)

When the first ever Raspberry Pi was launched in February 2012. How many Raspberry Pi’s were ordered on the first day?

A: 10,000
B: 50,000
C: 100,000
D: 150,000

GW8SZL (17-04-2022)

Which of the following is not an impact of overclocking?

A: More instructions executed per unit time
B: Increased Power Consumption
C: Improved temperature profile
D: Reduced Reliability

GW8SZL (10-04-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 2 model B launched?

A:  2015
B:  2019
C:  2020
D:  2021

W2JLD (03-04-2022)

How many PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) channels does the Raspberry Pi 4 have?

A: 0
B: 2
C: 26
D: 40

GW8SZL (27-03-2022)

In which of the following can a Raspberry Pi be used?

A:  Home automation and security systems
B:  Media center
C:  HD surveillance camera
D:  All of the above

W2JLD (20-03-2022)

The Raspberry Pi has what kind of input and output ports?

A:  Digital I/O
B:  Analog inputs
C:  Analog outputs
D:  All of the above

GW8SZL  (13-03-2022)

What is NOOBS?

A: New Out Of The Box Software
C: NOOBS is a smart OS installing tool.
D: NOOBS contains Raspbian out of the box.

NOOBS also provides a choice to install an alternative operating system that can be downloaded from the internet.

GW8SZL (27-02-2022)

What is the CPU speed of a Raspberry Pi 3 model B?

A:  1.2 GHz
B:  1.27 GHz
C:  1.8 GHz
D:  1.9 GHz

W2JLD (06-02-2022)

In which year was the Raspberry Pi 1 model B released?

A:  2012
B:  2021
C:  2014
D:  2013

GW8SZL  (30-01-2022)