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International Marconi Day 2024

International Marconi Day is 24-hour amateur radio event honors the legacy of Italian radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi, for whom its named. Join the network to get involved!

Amateur radios, point-to-point contacts, high-frequency wave transfers, a mysterious yet attractive prize for the most connected stations…. All of this might just sound like the beginning of a quirky yet adorable B-movie. But don’t be fooled!

The true topic of this piece is not actually a sci-fi film at all. Instead, this is all about International Marconi Day. No, not macaroni day

This is Mar-co-ni Day.

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Named after a scientist who essentially changed the way we connect to the world as we know it, this is an important day that might be new to many but is actually a really fun day to learn about and also to celebrate!

The ROC-HAM Radio network has secured the special event callsign : W1M


International Marconi Day 2024 – APRIL 27TH – 10AM EST/14.00UTC

ECHOLINK *ROC-HAM* Conference Server Node 531091.

AllStar node numbers 2585, 47918, 47620, 53130 and 53131.

DMR TGIF Talk Group 2585

Extended Freedom SIP Portal 2585

We will have a VOIP version of this special event.

join us and celebrate INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY

W1M April 27, 2024 April 28, 2024 International Marconi Day 2024

                                                        History of International Marconi Day

In reality, the essence of International Marconi Day is a 24-hour amateur radio event which celebrates the career of Italian wireless communications pioneer, Guglielmo Marconi. The event takes place each year on the Saturday closest to Marconi’s birthday, which was on April 25, 1874.

Never heard of Guglielmo Marconi? Well now is the time to change that!

In addition to being an inventor, Mr. Marconi was also an electrical engineer who was especially known for his work on long distance radio transmission, as well as the development of a radio telegraph system and Marconi’s law.

In fact, Marconi was credited as sending the first radio transmission across the Atlantic Ocean in 1901. Because the Italian government wasn’t necessarily ready for Marconi’s inventions, he took them to England where he set up his activities in Cornwall. And that is why the location of the first transmission across the ocean (to Newfoundland) was in Cornwall rather than Marconi’s native Italy.

Because of his work, Marconi was also the shared winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for Physics in 1909 for his contributions to wireless telegraphy. Marconi has also been the recipient of several honorary doctorates from well-known universities.

International Marconi Day provides an exciting throwback to the days when a connected planet Earth was but a bold dream and only a few exceptional people, such as Marconi, saw the value in it. International Marconi Day can foster an appreciation for the realization of this dream from so long ago, as well as looking toward what other types of inventions might be around the corner.

Although, today, the internet is mostly the medium of choice for global communications, the idea behind International Marconi Day is to keep the spirit of invention alive. It inspires people to dream about the ways scientists and science could impact the future for the better.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate International Marconi Day!

                                    How to Celebrate International Marconi Day

Celebrating International Marconi Day can be related to all different types of engineering, radios equipment, communication, or even just giving heed and honor to those who are (and were) innovators and inventors. Consider these ideas for celebrating, or come up with some of your own.

                                                                         Try Out an HF Radio

To commemorate the Nobel laureate’s achievements, fans can use HF radio to make direct point-to-point contact between stations, relying on the same technology that Marconi developed and utilized in his time. This equipment might be a bit difficult to locate, but the best way is to find a local collector who would be willing to show what they have and tell what they know.